3 piece paver patterns

Whether you're looking for a patio with old-world charm or a walkway with contemporary flair, Belgard offers a wide variety of concrete pavers to fit your style.

Our portfolio includes contemporary modular pavers, traditional cobble and brick pavers, and options with the look and texture of natural stone patio pavers. Many of our paving stones can also support vehicular loads to create stunning driveways. And because our concrete driveway pavers and stone patio pavers are guaranteed for the life of your home, you can rest assured that your new outdoor space will stand the test of time.

Each Belgard paver offers multiple laying patterns, giving you the flexibility to create unique outdoor living spaces that complement your personal sense of style. Our selection of paving stones offers limitless creativity and possibilities.

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Use contoured paver patterns for elaborate driveways and entrances, or apply more simplistic designs for walkways and patios. Whether your color palette is neutral, warm or cool, we have multiple options and paver styles with rich color blends to complement the architecture of your home. Enjoy a natural stone look for backyard patios and pool areas, or add warmth to your outdoor living space with unique shades of subtle or vibrant colors in a wide variety of tones.

For any design scheme, our paver products come in a shade or blend to match your desired look. All Belgard pavers are ideal for walkways, pool decks and patios. Many of our pavers can also be used for driveways. We also have several lines of thinner pavers that can be used to overlay concretewhich will completely transform an existing patio or driveway without the expense and time of concrete demolition and removal.

Create picturesque outdoor living spaces with this multi-piece system that looks like natural stones pulled from the bed of a mountain creek. The subtle color combinations and versatile pattern make it ideal for crafting intricate circular designs and captivating walkways. The three-piece system offers a multitude of laying patterns and is ideal for walkways, patios, and residential driveways. TrueColor enhances the original color depth of Belgard pavers and extends color fastness and durability over time.

It also makes treated pavers more resistant to everyday wear and tear such as UV rays, stains and even acid. Dimensions 3-piece system plus accent pieces deliver crisp, clean lines and a smooth, linear surface to create stunning contemporary designs with maximum efficiency. Actual colors may vary slightly due to batch variances and environmental conditions at time of photography. Please contact your local Belgard representative for accurate samples, availability and pricing.

A true classic, its gently distressed surface and antiqued edges whisper quiet, timeless sophistication. With its simple shape and utilitarian appeal, Holland Stone is a practical choice for a variety of residential and commercial installations.

Its exceptional strength and durability combine with a range of captivating color blends that add to Holland's popularity. Basic in form, its clean, modular shape makes possible a myriad of applications. Three shapes allow for a wide variety of design options, giving homeowners the ability to create eye-catching patios, walkways and more, with a natural slate appearance. This process produces a rich color, wear-resistant surface and a distinctive texture. Its scale is similar to natural flagstone.

With its irregular shape and textured surface, Mega-Arbel creates outdoor spaces that flow harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. Melville Plank offers a smooth face and clean lines to create a stylish, contemporary look with classic appeal. It can be used alone or to add accents or borders to a variety of paver designs. Melville Slab offers a smooth face and clean lines to create a stylish, contemporary look with classic appeal.

Slaton Plus, Tumbled, offers multi-dimensional tones and textures that mimic the appearance of weathered slate, creating outdoor living spaces with the look of natural stone. Urbana is offered in a versatile, three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a broader range of shapes and an even grander scale.

The Belgard Project Visualizer tool lets you upload photos of your space, then insert and experiment with various paver styles, shapes and colors. This interactive experience includes inspirational project photos with the products and color options available in your area. Are you ready to bring your vision to life?

Belgard can help you find a professional to start your project.There are many decisions to make when selecting pavers for a home. Will they be installed indoors or outdoors?

What color will work best with overall style of the home? Which type of sealant should be used matte, glossy, etc. One of the most important decisions to make about pavers is what pattern or layout to use. Not sure where to start?

This article will teach you the paver layout fundamentals. Manufactured pavers are available in modular sizes, which means the pieces fit together in a pre-planned layout. The manufacturer provides suggested patterns and supplies the exact sizes and quantities needed for the space being paved. Here are more highlights of this paver type:. Modular pavers make the design and installation process easier by saving valuable time that would have otherwise been spent on calculations and on-site adjustments.

Ready-made layouts include a fixed range of different paver sizes. Because of this, modular, or interlocking, concrete pavers are often considered the easiest pavers to install. In this example, 7 different paver sizes are used to create the pattern. Calculations are done by the manufacturer to provide the correct quantity of individual sizes to suit the total area that will be paved.

Here's an example of a finished installation using FireRock pavers in our 7-piece random pattern. In this example, 3 different paver sizes to create a piece pattern. The layout shown is a popular pattern for driveway applications. Paving Experta go-to resource for the paving and hardscaping trade, explains it best:. With reclaimed stone, unless you are prepared to measure and label every piece of available stone, plot the data into a CAD program and manipulate the 'pieces' jigsaw-wise, the random layout has to be created ad hoc.

Because of this, reclaimed stone takes the cake for being one of the most difficult-to-use pavers. If you are looking for the most traditional, authentic layout that's entirely unique to your space, this is the best option.

See the example illustration below of a random layout for reclaimed stone 1 most popular. A general rule of thumb for reclaimed stone layouts is never have four corners meeting.

When four corners meet, they form a crossed joint which distracts the eye. Installers will have to repeatedly lift and re-lay pavers on the ground to create a pattern without breaking this rule. See below for installation images from the field, courtesy of Paving Expert.

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The first image is a close-up of an on-site layout in progress. The second image is a great example of how the layout looks immediately after being sealed - rough edges have disappeared!

And who can blame them? With an endless number of paver options material, color, layout, sealant, etc. Paver Type: Modular Pavers Manufactured pavers are available in modular sizes, which means the pieces fit together in a pre-planned layout.When designing a new paver patio, there are a number of options to consider with regard to paver laying patterns.

From modular paver patterns to more traditional laying patterns, your choice will vary depending upon the style and shape of pavers you choose. Below are some examples of paver laying patterns to help guide you through the process.

You can even mix and match different styles, shapes and patterns to create unique and interesting designs. These patterns work especially well in smaller spaces that can be overwhelmed by larger styles of pavers.

A running bond pattern is one in which the pavers are laid in rows running in the same direction. You can either go with a classic running bond, or you can get creative with color tones, borders and pattern direction. A herringbone pattern is one in which rectangular pavers are laid in a zig-zag pattern.

3 piece paver patterns

To add additional pop to a herringbone design, consider adding a contrasting border along the patio edges. Basket weave patterns utilize rectangular pavers to create block designs. To add contemporary flair to this traditional laying pattern, you can alternate the color tones or laying direction to create modular designs.

Modular shaped pavers offer a variety of square and rectangular sizes that can be laid in multiple laying patterns that are less repetitive, visually dynamic, and create a contemporary look that works especially well for larger patios. Asymmetrically shaped pavers create a natural look and often incorporate false joints that create the illusion of multiple shapes laid at random.

Multi-shape cobble-style pavers can also be laid in a multi-piece pattern that emulates a more random look, as an alternate to using a traditional laying pattern. Once the border paver is selected, there are a number of border laying pattern options, as well.

The soldier course is likely the most-used laying pattern for a paver border. For this pattern, rectangular pavers are laid in a row, side-by-side. Another popular border, the sailor course lays rectangular pavers lengthwise in one or more rows.

For additional visual interest, wide sailor course borders can be created using more than one type of paver. Striking paver patterns and designs can be created by laying a contrasting patio border further inside the paver field. No purchase necessary. Do you have any guidelines on layouts that reduce edge cutting to fit layouts. Also curved vs. Belgard does not have any layouts or comparisons regarding this.

Typically a curved patio may take hours longer to mark and cut versus a straight-lined patio. This would probably add at least a few hundred dollars more to the labor quote. On a straight edge patio, one would normally start at the house laying the pavers and adjust the coursing toward the edge so there are fewer to no cuts. This article is going to be very helpful for all those who want to give a unique design or style to their patio.

For more information on this installer, click here. To look for additional contractors or dealers near you, please visit Belgard. Do you have a pattern for Urbana Modular as shown above in the video at the top of this page? I tried to repeat it and kept getting a home the size of one half of the smallest block. Patio borders are used to enclose different outdoor rooms, essentially breaking up large expanses of stone.

The width and color of your borders can be customized to suit the rest of your hardscape design. Opting for a color that complements the surrounding stone can make your patio design look unified. Allow planting beds to separate different areas and surround focal points.Paver stone restoration:. View all posts by: blees.

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Three Piece Random Bond. The three random shapes modulate together to form a beautiful kaleidoscope of random pattern options. A distinctive paving product, the three piece random bond pattern adds a distinguishing complement to any project. The Colors and combinations are one-of-a-kind. This can be an amazing statement at a homes entry or deck. This random method of installation makes your installation one of a kind. You will have a driveway or pool deck like none other in the world due to our Naples paver contractors.

The process of laying a random paver pattern results in a incredibly beautiful look. Sometimes a geometric paver pattern can be too structured for a landscape. It actually seems more natural in nature to see random patterns in rock formations.

A distinctive paving product used by our favorite contractors in Naples, the random pattern adds a distinguishing complement to any project.

Paver Pattern – Three Piece Random Running Bond

The materials, colors and combinations are endless. Services offered: Paver stone restoration: On site inspections Restoration and replacement of damaged areas Fill crack or flatten areas that are uneven Replace entire sections with our expert die lot matching abilities Expand existing areas to create a larger surface area.

Please complete the below form for a consultation or restoration analysis. March 20, Comments are closed. Written by blees View all posts by: blees.It looks like you're in Rybinsk, YAR. Help us provide you the right products and resources based on your project location. Where is your project located? Change Location. Set Location Don't have a zip code? Choose a manufacturing region below. Adams West Rockwood, TN. Anchor North Holbrook, MA.

3 piece paver patterns

Anchor Block Minnetonka, MN. Mid-Atlantic Richmond, VA. Expocrete Edmonton, AB. Jewell Waco, TX. Miller Kansas City, MO. Northfield Mundelein, IL. Sierra Fontana, CA. Superlite Phoenix, AZ. Create Your Own Patterns The following are examples of some popular commercial paver patterns.

STEP 1: Select Paver Shape Typically there is a look or feel that you want to express in an area, and there is nothing better to help with that than the laying pattern of the pavement surface.

Start off by selecting the general shape that best fits your intent, or create your own unique repeatable pattern such as the one shown adjacent. Make sure the general shape is repeatable before proceeding. STEP 2: Select Scale of Pattern Now select the scale of the pattern, keeping in mind A the size of the area - larger patterns can be used in larger areas, and B the application.

For vehicular applications, it is also important to keep lines less than 4 feet in length to provide proper interlock.

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The following are examples of the previous pattern with different sized pieces - note that even slight changes in the pieces used can alters the appearance dramatically. The available concrete paver design options are only limited by your own imagination.

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Add to this the various aesthetic elements - including colors and textures - that are available to create unique paving patterns, accents, highlights and borders - the paver design possibilities are truly endless. NOTE: What makes a pattern acceptable for vehicular applications is a combination of A the pattern has a high degree of interlock, and B the sizes involved match the available vehicular products.

Fill out my online form.Are you in the market for a new paver patio and not quite sure what to do as far as the paver pattern, design, color? If this is you or someone you know, then we are here to help! Before we get into the patio paver design ideas, it is important to run through the stone selection. Pavers come in various combinations of colors, styles, sizes, thicknesses, patterns, and textures.

You can think of this area as the canvas that you will be painting on or the foundation that you will be building on. You can determine the area with landscape marking paint, landscape marking flags, ft of measuring tape best if it is the tape that comes in a reelor even a garden hose will do.

Having a visual of the space prior to selecting the stone, will help choose the appropriate stones for your patio. The color of the pavestones is important to think of to accent the rest of the features of your outdoor living space and home. The most popular colors are the earth-tones which come in the following colors:. If you want your pavers to complement your house, a good rule of thumb is to pull in the roof color and trim color to provide a nice accent. You can do this by making all of your pavers the same color, or by using it as more of a pop of color here and there.

If you are interested in making a statement, then you will want to go with a dominant color that will draw immediate attention. There are others, including special order molds, however, this list includes the most popular styles that are currently being installed on a regular basis. So you have picked out the texture, style, as well as the style of pavestone. The next thing to consider is the laying pattern. As we have seen in the previous steps, there are an overwhelming number of paving patterns that you can select.

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However, we will focus on the most popular for this guide. The paver patterns that are requested the most are:. We are going to go over ways to create unique laying patterns, or to continue with the analogy, to start the construction of our custom home. There are two different laying angles in which to lay the pavers. You can go with a 90 degree angle or a 45 degree angle off of any point you choose.

Most installs take the angle off of the point of entry of their backyard patio. You can also utilize both laying patterns in the same project. For example, you could have your main patio area installed at a 90 degree angle, and then your raised patio area with your fire pit can be installed at a 45 degree angle.This pattern of paver installation offers a infinite array of design possibilities. The three random shapes in a linear line modulate together to form a beautiful line of random pattern options.

A distinctive paving product, the three piece random running bond pattern adds a distinguishing complement to any project. The Colors and combinations are one-of-a-kind. This can be an amazing statement at a homes entry or deck. This is much different than a totally random pattern where you still maintain the linear consistency. These paver patterns add order to a random pattern.

A three piece running bond pattern is perfect for the person that wants a random look but still wants order to the pattern. This is still a random method of installation, carried out by our Naples paver contractors that will make your installation one of a kind.

Pattern Versatility

You will have a driveway or pool deck like none other in the world. The process of laying a random pattern in linear lines results in a incredibly beautiful look. Sometimes a geometric pattern can be too structured for a landscape. It actually seems more natural in nature to see random patterns in rock formations. A distinctive paving product, the this pattern adds a distinguishing complement to any project.

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The materials, colors and combinations are endless. Come visit our team, our paver contractors in Naples would love to show you all the possibilities for your area.

3 piece paver patterns

View all posts by: blees. Three Piece Random Running Bond. March 20, Comments are closed. Written by blees View all posts by: blees.

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